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#969 – Not being able to beat a video game today that you beat as a child

11 Mar

How can something that was accomplished before as a child but can’t be accomplished now as a full grown adult, awesome? It’s quite simple actually, it shows how awesome kids can be and that they can be better than their adult counterparts.

Let’s be realistic here; kids can’t drive, vote, consume alcohol, play the lottery, go to an R rated film, etc. But it’s not all bad; they don’t need to file taxes, pay bills, and generally have no responsibilities. With all the free time in the world, kids can pretty much accomplish many things. One of these things is beating some really difficult video games. They require memorization and a lot of practise to perfect which might not be possible at an older age.


I’ll prove my point with an example of my own. When I was a kid I played a lot of Sega Genesis games. One of those games was the extremely stylish yet difficult Comix Zone. The game took place in the pages of a comic book, where you would fight enemies and solve puzzles through each comic panel. The game was short at only three levels but extremely difficult due to how much life you had. Long story short… I have beaten the game multiple times as a kid and not even once as a human adult. How crazy is that? I have a mortgage and I can’t even beat an old school video game, goodbye childhood!

As depressing as it might be to suck at certain games as an adult, make sure to look back on those simpler days with a sense of pride. With a smaller brain, less time on this planet, and against all odds, you were able to accomplish great things. Being a kid sure did rock!


 #988 – Sega Genesis game cases

2 Nov

Since the dawn of the home video game, boxes or cases were how these games were packed and stored. They are just like humans, coming in all shapes and sizes, big and small. Different materials were used as well (unlike humans), mostly paper and plastic. Cases have evolved and changed over time with less emphasis on them as the digital era takes over. Every period in video game history has it’s own wonderful game cases, but the most awesome has to be the ones for the Sega Genesis.

The beauty of a Sega Genesis (known as the Mega Drive in Europe and some other parts of the world) game case is something to behold. A book shaped hard plastic which meant your game was always protected. Seriously these things were tough, like a bomb shelter for your cartridge. Look at any collector’s collection and more likely than not they have their Genesis games in prestige condition thanks to those miraculous cases.

It’s awesomeness doesn’t end there though, with some other great features about them as well. They fit perfectly on a shelf showcasing the game’s title on the spine for easy storage. Plus some games would do some crazy stuff, like be a totally different colour than the usual red of most games. And some were even crazier, being made of paper much like its competitor at the time, the Super Nintendo. All in all, these things did a lot more than just hold a game until it was ready to be played

I will always hold a special place in my heart for the Sega Genesis, as it was the first home console I owned. But nostalgia or not, you have to agree that those cases are super cool and definitely…