#996 – Playing video games with your non-gaming family and friends

25 Oct

We’ve all been there before, your mom comes knocking on your door to tell you to get ready as your extended family will be here shortly. You can’t bear to listen to a bunch of stories from your grandparents or have your aunts and uncles tell you how tall you’ve gotten. So you plan on changing things up this time around, dusting off those extra controllers to play a little bit of Mario Kart with the fam. You and your cousins might know what to do but hilarity will ensue when your uncle tries to participate only to find out minutes later that he was holding the controller upside down.

And this is what makes gaming with non-gamers so much fun; the mayhem. After explaining the rules and controls a million times, your aunt is finally able to make it around the track, only falling off 7 times. Some might be annoyed or frustrated by the experience, but seeing someone who has no clue or knowledge on your passion take a stab at it should be enough to make anybody smile.


I’m not saying to make fun of grandma when she realizes she’s been looking at the wrong screen the whole game. Everybody will have a chuckle for sure, but the bonding that takes place is something that is rarely seen doing any other activity. Who knows you might awaken an inner gamer within and the next you visit their house you might see a shiny new video game console hooked up to the television.

So embrace those friends and family that have never picked up a controller in their life or have never heard of Nintendo’s Italian plumber because some serious fun is about to go down!


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