#995 – The MissingNo. glitch

26 Oct

If you were a kid that grew up in the 90s then more likely than not you were obsessed with Pokemon. As a kid, the whole concept was like crack to us; we needed to capture, train, and trade these fascinating beasts. We watched the anime, begged our parents to buy us the cards, and poured endless hours into the video games. Most specifically, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue were the first games of choice.

We got to live out our dreams in the palm of our hands. In the playground we would share our tips and strategies, the rare Pokemon we’ve encountered, the battles we partook in. Heck, I even remember the rumours that of course were fake but our small minds wanted to believe they were true (Pikablu anybody?). Remember this was before the internet became widely available, so word of mouth passed these legends and rumours, having no idea where they first began. But one massive rumour ended up being true, bringing tears of joy to our eyes.

By performing a few tasks in game (just in case you were living under a rock or weren’t a kid at that time, here is exactly how you do it) you were able to duplicate pretty much any item as much as you like. Master Balls, Rare Candies, Gold Nuggets… it didn’t matter, you could have it all like your own personal genie was granting your Pokewishes.


In the center of all this was a mysteriously glitched Pokemon listed as MissingNo. (most likely for missing number). As is with the majority of glitches, this occurence was never meant to be viewed by human eyes but the fascination was almost instant. What seemed to be a bunch of visual gibberish (which messes up part of your game if caught) quickly built a following with mysterious lore created by fans.

It may not be a real Pokemon and just a ‘glitch’ but the first time you heard about it and actually witnessed it unfold before your eyes, you must admit that it was…


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