#993 – Midnight launches

28 Oct

It’s story time! The date is November 8, 2004. After begging and pleading with my dad, he finally agrees to take 16 year old me to the local game store at midnight for the midnight launch of the much anticpated Halo 2. I’m beyond ecstatic, with a huge grin on my face I make it to the store at about 11:45 and take in that massive line. “Wow” I thought, video games are becoming extremely popular. Midnight comes and I see the line getting shorter and shorter as people collect their prized possession. But guess what? After all that I left without a copy of Halo 2. Why you ask? Because I didn’t even have an Xbox at the time. Yet I still left with the huge grin on my face as I was a part of something special, a piece of gaming history. My dad left with a confused expression on his face.


You see a midnight launch is more than just a release of a very popular video game, it is a celebration of our gaming culture. The hype and excitement culminates together into a beautiful event which would make even the biggest non-gamer take notice. It’s true that you could just wake up the next day and get the game then, but that’s no fun, a true gamer sacrifices sleep to get his or her hands on that popular title.

Years later I was lucky enough to partake in my first midnight launch where I actually purchased the game (for those keeping track at home the game was God of War 3). I have done it plenty of times after that as well and you can bet your horses that when that opportunity comes again you’ll see me lined up waiting because a midnight release is…


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