#992 – Getting the full game experience without needing micro-transactions

29 Oct

We’ve all been there before, especially in this day and age. You start playing a ‘free’ game (sometimes paid) and are having a good time. All of a sudden a huge prompt hits the middle of the screen informing you to continue or ‘improve’ your experience you should purchase a specific item. But because you are so early in the game you don’t have enough in-game currency to purchase it. Why not spend real world money instead? Sounds like fun… no, not at all.

The dreaded micro-transaction has been the centre of many debates in the industry today. Popularized by the mobile gaming market, it has since infected everything else. A business model that has definitely many game companies financially, but with little to no benefit to us players. It hurts even more when you’ve paid full price for a AAA title and certain content is still blocked by these ‘paywalls’ (looking at you Metal Gear Sold V: The Phantom Pain).


You are probably thinking, “The negativity from this post doesn’t seem awesome Ricky” I would agree with you if this post ended at the next period, but fortunately for you it doesn’t. The feeling of playing a full experience game on a home console, handheld, or mobile phone is further enhanced when you don’t have to worry about forking down those extra dollars. Pay once and enjoy for a lifetime, that should be our tagline not only in video games but in life. A pure experience not hindered by greedy corporate hands trying to milk you for every dollar. Games are experiences we pay for because we as gamers are transported to amazing places. I’ll happily pay for a game, it’s how the industry stays alive, just keep your micro-transactions out of my face and see my smile grow.

Take the time to appreciate those titles that take an ethical approach to business. We as gamers need to come together and support what is right; untainted fun.


3 Responses to “#992 – Getting the full game experience without needing micro-transactions”

  1. Wing0g October 29, 2015 at 4:06 pm #

    As I agree with you I also disagree, yes micro-transactions are annoying and should not be big factors in triple A titles, as for mobile I think its fine. It’s a system that works well in the free to play mobile game ecosystem and if ‘gamers’ choose to buy extra w.e to progress or ease their play so be it, it is their decision and theirs alone. Now for the triple A titles my biggest gripe would be games that grant quicker access to better items or weapons by forking over cash. This is what essentially breaks the game as it comes down to who is more willing to drop more money on the game, but games like Destiny which also just recently incorporated micro-transitions can do it where its just cosmetic and has no effect on gameplay. Doing so leaves players to decide whether they want a new dance move or w.e but doesn’t make them feel like if they don’t have this item they will be unevenly matched with other players. Basically for Triple A titles, micro-transactions need to make sense to be there….not like the ‘insurance scam’ MGS is playing with. Damn you Konami!

    • rickytheleaf October 30, 2015 at 12:20 am #

      Agree with you that as long as it’s not mandatory and doesn’t affect the main game experience, it’s okay, but I still prefer paying for a game upfront instead of micro-transactions, even for mobile experiences.

  2. Kenneth June 20, 2018 at 7:41 am #

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